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Mock Interview

8 / 100 Mock Interviews –  A mock interview simulates an actual job interview with an equivalent interviewer. Mock interviews provide an opportunity to rehearse the whole event and get

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How to Deal With Unsupportive Colleagues

70 / 100 1.Colleagues People were working together in an organization or company in a professional way and with business communication.  2.Unsupportive colleagues  1. The colleagues who do not provide

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Hiring an HR COACH?

63 / 100 Hiring an HR COACH? The very concept of humans as resources in themselves goes back to the Stone Age, where man used his raw intellect and firsthand

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Anxiety if not dealt with in a organized way it will be a barrier for your success.
How to keep ANXIETY at bay

13 / 100 Unwanted troubling thoughts are thoughts stuck in our mind that cause discomfort. They seem to come from out of nowhere, arrive with a blast, and cause anxiety.

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Women in leadership and what they need to be aware of.
Women In Leadership

10 / 100 Women are effective changemakers, and the far-reaching benefits of diversity and gender parity in leadership and selection-making are increasingly diagnosed in all spheres. still, women continue to

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