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Mock Interview

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Mock Interview

8 / 100

Mock Interviews – 

A mock interview simulates an actual job interview with an equivalent interviewer. Mock interviews provide an opportunity to rehearse the whole event and get feedback on what to say, how to convey your message, and better your chances to crack the actual job interview.

Mock interviews for working professionals

While we are in schools and colleges, we have heard terms like mock tests and mock interviews frequently. However, it’s challenging for working professionals to get a domain expert willing to invest a few hours on them and coach them for their next challenging role in their careers.

UnlockMeToday has curated some passionate coaches and mentors who are working professionals and willing to solve this challenge for other working professionals who are either

  • Freshers
  • Struggling to prepare for interviews due to high workload
  • Have a break in their careers
  • Applying for next-level roles
  • Applying for FANG MANG
  • Startups ecosystem
  • Overwhelmed with interview noise on dated interview readiness content

Top Barriers for talented folks for not cracking the interviews

Top Barriers who on the applicant’s side are 

  • Relevant experience in the desired domain.
  • Relevant knowledge in the desired role.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Overconfidence.
  • Threat to inclusion and diversity.
  • Non-trainable – Know-it-all mindset.
  • Unable to have a good conversation around the upcoming market trends.
  • Unable to establish trust and credibility.
  • Communication, articulation, and presentation skills

These are the top reasons that cover over 95% of the overall rejections, and you would be surprised to know that these are the leading reasons 95% of the folks get hired.

It’s not like folks who are getting rejected will never get a job; they will get a job when they can crack the interviewer’s requirements.

The main call out is that folks get better after giving 5 – 10 – 15 interviews, and the main issue is that we miss the desirable roles and confidence for salary negotiations.

Mock Interviews benefits in what way?

Mock Interviews with working professionals benefit in many ways; however top 5 are as follows.

Role and domain relevance: 

A successful working professional has use-cases and scenarios to share how the market has changed recently, directly illuminates the applicant’s role and domain clarity. We always hire for the future, and experience is just a way to filter the crowd. A demonstrated history of success is helpful to gauge talent’s potential.

Building quick rapport with credibility with interviewers: 

Well, let’s see the maths there. An interviewer or hiring manager talks to several candidates in the market of the respective domain. They know the requirements and clearly understand how a successful candidate looks, sounds, and behaves.

Getting coached by someone who has hired several folks in the specific domains assures the candidate that he is rehearsing the right thing with the right person.

Top Domain Challenges:

Hiring new candidates is done to solve current and future problems. UnlockMeToday’s coaches are well aware of these things and ensure their feedback covers that.

Get constructive feedback:

It’s easy to reject a candidate by saying he lacked domain knowledge and confidence and has impaired communication skills. My recruiter friends will agree that no one shares the top 5 things about the candidates that they could have done or said differently and got selected. It’s almost impossible to get genuine feedback to help the candidate’s career. When asked why many recruiters and hiring managers told that it takes more time and energy to provide constructive feedback as it should kindle positive changes that can get them engaged.

How does a Mock Interview session help candidates?

Who should all hire a mock interview coach?

Well, I must say, it’s asking which Olympic player should get a coach to simulate the final round of their sports competition.

If you are getting interview calls and are technically sound, then getting mock interviews elevates your confidence level and enables you to negotiate your offer letters handsomely. Confidence needs recent market experts’ approval, especially when getting hired at a higher package.

Folks are getting rejected and determined to make a career in a specific domain. 

Last but not least folks who have experience of over 6+ years. 

Candidates in this segment are the most confused ones, as this is when they can change their streams, and they are also getting paid well in their current domain/job.

Candidates would like to get promoted internally but struggling to get that key to success.

Having lost touch with friends and new friends are competitors of similar job roles.

14+ Years of experience : 

Job expectations are changing fast; my bad, it’s evolving quickly.

For example, marketing strategies five years ago are obsolete in the marketing domain today, and in this Covid-19 era, things have completely changed. Keeping relevance in the market is impossible unless you have a mentor/coach somewhere. Watching youtube and googling things adds a lot of noise as well. These professionals understand the nature of business in that domain very clearly. 

 They have specific questions to relate the new with the old. This has to be done by someone away from your current company who has recent exposure and can give constructive feedback to build expertise to begin their job hunt quest.

Well, let the list of coaches apprise you about our offerings and read about them to learn how they can help you with their time, knowledge, and effort.


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