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How to Deal With Unsupportive Colleagues

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How to Deal With Unsupportive Colleagues

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People were working together in an organization or company in a professional way and with business communication. 

2.Unsupportive colleagues

 1. The colleagues who do not provide support, help to other colleagues or coworkers in work are unsupportive Colleagues. 

 2. First of all, if you live in a state of mind that in your company if you want to get a promotion or if you want to get ahead of everyone else, you need everyone’s strong Relationship with you, their support in your work, their tongue-speaking in your favor so that you can contribute your company and build a good relationship with the higher authority. But the reality is that you don’t need anyone to go ahead the coworkers or the colleagues need you so that they can snatch your work and decorate it and then present it as their work to the boss so that boss can be impressed by their work and then the colleagues can get a promotion. And thus the result will be, it is you who were all the work, and the development will be getting to other colleagues, so this was one of the types of unsupportive colleagues. 

3. Another type is office politics. It is also called workplace politics. It is the behavior of colleagues in a company or an organization where power and authority are involved. Well, many people working in an organization have failed office politics. And in office politics the colleagues talk with each other and give comments on other coworkers like he or she is like this, like that, he can’t do that work he is useless and many other comments they also comment on their bosses, clients, etc. And with this type of unprofessional communication, rumors spread everywhere about someone. It is not an effective means of communication. 

Reasons for office politics

  • Employees want to be the center of attraction for everyone without making any contribution to the organization.
  • When employees dream of gaining something big and which is not in their position or authority.
  • If the colleagues are jealous of some coworker, then office politics happen.
  • Rumors and gossips within employees.
  • No trust and honesty within employees.
  • I have a personal relationship with someone in the office.

How to deal with office politics 

  1. First of all, don’t talk about your personal life with other colleagues, it decreases your level and also their perspective on seeing you so that they can’t come closer to you and involve you as a source if the entertainment of office gossips and office politics.
  2. There are two types of conflicts personal and professional, so I say involve in professional disputes rather than personal or office conflicts with colleagues because in professional discussions, suppose if the organization is hindering you from doing your job effectively then you should stand up and disagree on your manager’s decisions. And ignore the personal conflicts. 
  3. I don’t say that you should too much ignore the conflicts. But engage in important conflicts but avoid small ones. And you have to show your value, your influence, status, and your level of importance in your company or organization. 
  4. And the most important thing is to show and contribute high value, high-quality work daily and be a hero in the company or an organization so that your senior managers and boss can fully trust you and so that you can become more important for your company or an organization. 
  5. Another thing you should keep in mind and is to become a master in your job. You have to master something in the area where you are working in an organization or, you should know your work thoroughly and everything so that you can’t be pointed by any of the colleagues and get involved in politics either.
  6. And the best thing to remember that you should be independent, you must not get too close with anyone, always remember that your colleagues are not your friends; they are your competitors. You have to be different from others, set yourself apart, and develop a strong value and brand of yourself in an organization or company, and do not get lost in office politics. 

How to deal with unsupportive colleagues 

So unsupportive people or difficult people come in all shapes and sizes, and it is your task to handle the situation and how to use business communication with them. 

Knowing the problematic person that person is just annoying to you because maybe that person is gossiper and negative and noosing too much. But we can fix the problem when we know exactly what the problem is and find out in our own ways. 

  1. Don’t be available for unsupportive colleagues.

All the bad phases and gossips cause because you remain available for these colleagues. If you want to avoid this unproductive work, then engage yourself with your own work, communicate when it is needed, and that also professional and business communication with proper ethics, do your work and be yourself and be independent. And don’t get in touch with these unsupportive colleagues. 

  • Know when to act

A person has to keep in mind that when to give your reaction and when to act. Self-respect is everything, and you have to stay a little bit of attitude in yourself and never come below your status. You have to work when whether the situation is enough to give a reaction to other people. If the conflict or situation is regarding your professional life, then you have to stand up and battle. And if the case is regarding your personal life, then stay away from these people and engage yourself in your work. 

  • Talk to the person in private. 

It would help if you were bold and brave enough to interact with the person who is unsupportive and who is pushing you in the source of entertainment for office politics. Call him in private and ask him why is he behaving with you like that and give him a warning if he does it again you should complain about him to a higher authority. And also tell him that it is destroying your career and your contribution to the organization or company. 

  • Don’t give a chance

Please don’t give them a chance to know you fully. Have multiple characters. Never disclose everything about your personal life, social life, and your secrets with any of the colleagues so that they can’t have any of the chance of gossiping about you and your character. Just let them do whatever they want. Do your work and walk away like a boss. 

  • Distance yourself

Distance yourself from the people who speak with you correctly, who don’t appreciate you for your work, who always leaves you in stressful situations, who insult you, and you have to stay away and look after yourself and concentrate and the most important thing in life never ever give up and lose your focus in your life. Always stay dedicated, never lose motivation and be discipline in life because we stay motivated for less time, but training can stay you motivated, so be disciplined and do your work with honesty and sincerity and believe in yourself, and dream a big future. 

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