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12 challenges faced by a new parent

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If you are a new parent then your life has transformed and new challenges need some new ways to deal with them. Its easy to do so when you are aware of it

12 challenges faced by a new parent

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The arrival of a baby carries lots of happiness, the moment you wait for, that finally arrives. When your newborn baby comes in the world, it brings lots of joy; becoming a parent is one of the best feelings that everyone wants to have. “Parent” the word carry joy with responsibility when you get to know you are going to become a parent; it is the most joyful moment of life. But, with that, it carries lots of responsibility. You have to be physically as well as mentally prepared to do all your duties as a parent. Especially when you are going to be a parent for the first time. It is a journey with immediate and indescribable challenges that people have to face as a new parent. 

As parenthood brings happiness with various challenges so, here are the challenges and how to deal with it as a new parent. 

1. Adapting the changes- 

After having a baby, your life changes. You have to start adapting the changes, your excitement to being a parent becomes endless, but with that, you have to make changes in your lifestyle, your daily routine, etc. as a change in the lifestyle is a very profound change. It’s not easy to adapt especially for mothers they have to take special care of the baby from bathing, feeding, etc. they are responsible for nursing and nurturing their baby, along with that they have to take care of themselves too. For fathers they need to understand their duties towards the child and the mother, they have to work as a helping hand, it takes time to learn and adapt these changes, some parents easily adapt these changes while some take time but eventually they used to cope up with the situation. 

2. Baby refuses to have food- 

It is the most complicated challenge faced by the parents especially as new. When your baby did not feed, as babies are very moody. Most of the time they used to spend by sleeping, and sometimes they make parents worried about their attitude, for example- like they refuse to feed, they used to cry so, you don’t have to give up. You have to be clam and try to feed them. If you will try again and again so, there are the chances that he will feed and your whole tension will short out. You have to take proper care of feeding. there should be eight to twelve feeds in a day, with that you should make your baby feed with the intervals of time so, that the baby can get nutrition on time.

3. Sleep deprivation and become exhausted

Being a parent makes you very responsible; you have to take extreme care of your infant. Make him feel comfortable, make him sleep, feeding him on time, make him a bath, changing his clothes and nappy and many more tasks you have to perform as a parent, this task did not watch time. You are never off to your duty whether it is a day or night, sometimes you have to sacrifice your sleep, your work and many more things that you used to do, you became exhausted, but you don’t have to be. You have to be very strong and clam, try to get all the help you can get from your other family members and make everything easy and happy because if you will be exhausted become irritated. It will give an adverse effect on your child.

4. Lack of attachment in the couple

After the birth of the baby, the life of the mother revolves around the new one, she has to take proper care of him, but father used to do all his work, the intimacy and attachment start lacking among the couples, they feel like they are being separated but it is not so, you two have to take time for your love life, take out the time from the parenthood and try to spend some quality time together. So, that there should not be any slackness in your relationship and If you are a happy couple then definitely you can be a happy parent.

5. The problem in social life

The social life of the couple has slowed down after being a parent, they cannot freely go to any functions, meet their friends and to join any social gathering, they have the responsibility of their children. Whereas sometimes when you call someone, it might be possible that your child starts crying because of that, you can’t make a good conversation, but you don’t have to be frustrated. You need to understand that everything needs time. When your child will grow up then you can do everything that you used to do before. 

6. The problem is the shape of the body

After suffering the rigorous carrying period of the child, it is the most painful and happiest thing in the world, which carry happiness with pain. However, you lose all your body shape. Still, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about your body, and you are a mother whereby, your body deserves respect. You need to focus on having rest instead of worrying about your body figure. However, you can get your previous figure back whereas; you don’t have to be in a rush because as per the Gynecologists the women who go through the normal delivery should wait for at least two months to begin the exercise. However, the women who have gone through C- section should wait for more than five months to start any exercise, the need of that hour is you have to take care of yourself and have proper rest without any tension.

7. Concern for the safety of the baby

It is the biggest challenge faced by the parents towards the safety of their children. However, to have children in their hands overwhelm the parents. Still, they are concerned about the safety of their child as children are being exploited in this world; for those parents, you have to take this feeling out regarding the safety of your child. He is very strong than you think, as your baby will grow, he will adapt to the nature of society. You don’t have to make your baby weak by overthinking about his safety, you have to be strong enough and should take proper care of your baby.

8. Conflicts in the advice of the family

Every family member is very excited to give advice in the case of babies, as everybody carries different relationship with the baby, but sometimes that leads to conflict in the pieces of advice. Every member feels responsible towards the baby, they are very eager to give but it becomes very confusing to the parents when at the same time two people give different bits of advice. So, don’t panic in this situation accept the advice happily but do whatever your child’s paediatrician asks you to do, you can also discuss those pieces of advice to the paediatrician before doing something.

9. Join the work back

it is the most difficult situation faced by working mothers. you have to leave your infant at the home, which depends on you by everything, to rejoin the work is a very tough decision for every mother. You always feel worried about your child. Like- what she is doing, how she will manage, if she will cry then but, you don’t have to worry. You need to hire a good caretaker who will keep your child like you used to keep with all the responsibilities but before appointing any caretaker to check her whole background and don’t forget to sign the contract.

10. Breastfeeding woes

When you start breastfeeding to your child in the starting it causes pain so, a lot of mothers used to stop breastfeeding because of the pain and they start giving normal milk to their child, but it’s not the right way. the main nutrition your little one will get from the breastfeeding, in the staring it hurts. Still, when you become familiar with this process it will not hurt you anymore as we all know, the breast is the most delicate and sensitive part of the women but when you start breastfeeding it becomes normal. Since it is the process of nature, so, don’t worry, it is for the better health of your child. 

11. Feeling hungry all the time

Feeling hungry all the time for mothers when you start breastfeeding to your child. You need to be very strong, you should eat healthy food with that you can feel hungry anytime, but you need to take proper care of yourself and try to avoid midnight carvings and used to eat healthy food and try to avoid junk food because that can affect your child health.

12. Other challenges

There are many challenges faced by the parent’s like- Baby gas, Adjustment disorder, lots of visitors, Anxiety, Sleep position troubles, fearing about the bad habits, etc. As a parent, you need to stay calm and understand the behavior of the child and discuss it with the doctors for the better bits of advice and don’t worry, you will learn with time.

Apart from these challenges, there are many more challenges that are faced by the new parents so; you don’t have to panic, try to be calm and happy, try to understand the situation. Husband and wife both must support each other because it is the responsibility of both the parents to bring up their child. 

Moreover, you need to be supportive and understanding so that you can deal with all the challenges which are being faced by a parent and can quickly bring up your child.

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